Dua Lipa’s Favorite Designer is Ottolinger

Berlin-based Ottolinger brings a punk approach to couture tailoring in its unorthodox signatures techniques. Pop sensation Dua Lipa makes Ottolinger one of her go-to for fashion looks. Because of their sex appeal and the ability and fit to flatter a woman’s body, the label has garnered a cult following for their asymmetric silhouettes, raw aesthetic, and hands-on process of abstraction and deconstruction.

In addition to Dua Lipa, celebrities from Iman Hammam, Keke Palmer, Estelle Chemouny, and more can be seen wearing the Alpine-Punk-Couture. The signatures techniques like holes burned by a blowtorch, cut and knotted fabric, shredding to create dramatically frayed fabrics are what make the brand a favorite.



OTTOLINGER SS20 Swimsuit Top

OTTOLINGER SS20 Gingham Shirt