Apparis and Juicy Couture Collaborate for 25th Anniversary

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Apparis and Juicy Couture have joined forces to create a capsule collection in celebration of Juicy’s 25th anniversary.

This capsule of faux fur Juicy icons comes in addition to a few bold new styles. It features a fresh take on the iconic Juicy Couture tracksuit, made with Apparis’ signature faux fur. The Apparis’ new Pluche™ Sasha coat in Juicy Couture pink is also introduced along with a mixed media puffer jacket.

In the campaign, Apparis collaborates with the Skate Kitchen Twins, Brenn and Jules Lorenzo, who are founding members of Skate Kitchen – an all-female skate crew that teases the idea that women belong in the kitchen.


Check out the Apparis x Juicy collaboration film