An Expression of optimism by Titi Adesa

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Creative director and founder,  Sinjār Titi Adesanya, is a designer whose appreciation for luxury footwear and impeccable craftsmanship inspired the creation of her footwear brand. Ethically & delicately hand-crafted in Milan, Titi Adesa luxury footwear is produced in a family-owned factory, renowned for its commitment to excellent craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

Created for the contemporary woman with a youthful essence, the brand launched in August 2019 and has since been worn and adorned by all-round fascinating women and celebrities.
Each collection aims to offer a seamless balance between understated elegance and modern femininity: the  Minimal Allure collection, presents redefined proportions and minimal silhouettes, using carefully selected suede and supple leather in warm, earth-tones and a dash of blanc.

Each pair is distinctive of a lavender lining chosen to represent tranquillity, and is specially designed with a signature ‘Tilted Diamond’to embody the brand ethos and to celebrate women.
The rose gold logo can be seen on every sole and represents the empowering philosophy which Titi learnt from her mother growing up: ‘Within every woman, lies a diamond ~ unique, resilient and imperfectly perfect.

The new Titi Adesa Hope collection, which was designed during the lockdown, was created as an expression of optimism. Using a carefully selected range of regal, majestic metallics and vibrant hues, each style reflects positivity and modern minimal elegance, set on comfortable heel heights of 90mm or lower.

Alongside the Hope collection, Titi Adesa has also birthed the ‘TA Foundation’ which aims to empower young girls in underserved communities within Africa who aspire to build careers within the creative industry, through educational sponsorship and mentorship, re-emphasising its core ethos of harnessing the diamond within.

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