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This first Issey Miyake show since the founder’s death in August was preceded by a moment of remembrance. Under images of the great man’s portrait that were projected around us at the Paris Event Center was written one of his many quotes, which, like so many of his garments, was deceptively simple: “I believe there is hope in design. Design evokes surprise and joy in people.”

Satoshi Kondo and the design team, who had worked closely with Miyake until the end, provided a quote of their own: “We see design as a process driven by curiosity, built upon a comprehensive exploration—bringing joy, wonder, and hope to life, and of course with a touch of playfulness.”

This collection, named A Form That Breathes, was evidence that Miyake’s unparalleled application of technological innovation in the pursuit of joyfulness through design was in safe hands.

Photo credits: Victoria Bruno Photography at Paris Fashion Week