CPLUS SERIES Autumn/Winter 2023 at Shanghai Fashion Week

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Born in Taiwan, C.T. Liu studied film before graduating from Shin Chien university in Taipei with a degree in Fashion Design.

His two prior stints at design garnered many accolades and awards (Ten Most Successful Brand in Asia, Most Potential Asian Designer, The Best Innovation Design of Shanghai Fashion Week). In 2018, C.T launched CPLUS SERIES with a debut runway at New York Fashion Week.

CPLUS SERIES perseveres with the aesthetic of pragmatism – exploring concepts of simplicity while dissecting the quality of each and every item, adding the “plus” to Liu’s design approach. The brand celebrates unconventional beauty, graceful self-appreciation, with a little irreverence to tradition by its unorthodox methods: innovative fabric development, experimental cutting and use of materials, imaginative pattern deconstruction.

CPLUS SERIES collections are urban and modernist while poetic and abstract; each piece standing strong with its own singular story.


Zolochiv AUTUMN/WINTER 2023 COLLECTION – Daily Ceremony 

In the beginning time was a blank canvas, pristine and bare until humanity plucked at the corners, twisting and turning, folding and bending – shaping it. A ceremony is born when these shapes ripple like waves, cluster like clouds, or stretch out leisurely; muted codes inscribed by people, craft the texture of time into abstract units marking a pause between phases of existence and a transition from one state to another.

A ceremony originates from a specific context; is projected onto the self either through the gaze of society or the anticipatory glances of loved ones. Yet, in this modern age where we are constantly bombarded with an endless stream of information, as the mundane permeates our daily existence, do we lose the art of ceremony?

We don’t believe so, for as we shift between the sacred and the mundane, the ceremony adapts, manifesting in the mini landscapes of our lives: from the melodies that we dance with the shower’s patter, to the wine we sip while leaning against the kitchen sink, and even the coat we check before exploring an art exhibit – they serve as subtle hints of impending changes in our next breath. Through these intimate and purposeful acts, we create deliberate creases and shapes on the pristine canvas of time, rejuvenating the monotony of daily routines with moments worth celebrating. The CPLUS SERIES Autumn/Winter 2023 collection celebrate the “Daily Ceremony.”

Through an unorthodox exploration of fabrics, silhouettes, and color palettes, this collection conjures the significance that clothing embodies as a conduit of intimacy in modern life. The exquisite knitted works are a sumptuous tapestry of color each imbued with its own vibrant hues: forest green, ocher red, mint, violet, and deep apricot, all interwoven with luxurious materials such as silk, wool, and alpaca yarn. Sequined adorned garments, once a token of formal ceremonies, are now blended into everyday fashion. The CPLUS SERIES x Levi’s capsule collection, which builds on last season’s denim experimentation, creates transition possibilities for timeless classics.

With playful interpretation, CPLUS SERIES reshuffles one’s feelings with asymmetrical styles, subtle details, meticulous and intricate deconstruction – introducing deliberate complexity into a series of daily ceremonies.

Show set: 

The CPLUS SERIES Autumn/Winter 2023 collection was framed in a twilight mesh valance that fell with casual grace; untamed drapery resembling a dress lazily hung gently chanting the lingering notes of a long day. In this space, CPLUS SERIES revered the “daily.”; as the lights dimmed, the “ceremony” began.