MAXXIJ – Escapist – LFW SS21

View Gallery 19 Photos MAXXIJ is conceptual fashion house created by designer maxxij. MAXXIJ presents expressive collection each season with creative concept. Brave color contrast and exaggeration is the key of designer’s character. Graduated from London College of Fashion, Seoul born Korean designer MAXXIJ debuted 2017 by Seoul Fashion Week, and was selected as one of Seoul’s 10 Soul Designer with the  Best Designer Winner Award by Seoul Fashion Week for 2020. MAXXIJ has also been participated in Pop-up exhibitions at Galeries Lafayette (Shanghai & Paris). MAXXIJ’s design philosophy is about liberation and recreation of identity through fashion. The brand aims to create unconventional beauty with experimental design and creative concept. Latest MAXXIJ collection features unique experimental genderless fashion with extra oversized silhouettes, strong contrast between colors and fabrics.


2020 Best Designer Winner Seoul fashion week
2020 10 Soul Designer
Galeries Lafayette (Shanghai) Pop-up Exhibition
Galeries Lafayette (Paris) Pop-up Exhibition
19SS Best New Designer Winner (Soulista Award)
2019 10 Soul Designer
2019 Best New Designer Winner (by Jby)
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