LFW: J W Anderson

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J.W Anderson took focus away from the glitz and glam that is normally showcased at London Fashion Week (LFW). Instead, he focused on the garments. With a mix of leather dresses, wool two pieces and oversized trousers that look like they would be found on a trawler fishing boat, there was something quite special about this collection. The
designer recently celebrated his birthday, and with that comes somewhat of a fresh start, which is exactly what this collection shows.

It’s a rejuvenation of clothes, with the showcase stills showing his models posing in a tyre yard, each
piece looks like it’s been made with what he found laying around his studio, interspersed with
photos of J.W Anderson himself, in a pair of Y-fronts.

Each item looks like its been recycled, or even made from fabric offcuts, but each oozes femininity, with see-through sheath dresses and voluminous mini skirts all taking center stage. There was even a dress that looked like fishing net with added sparkles, along with a silver fringed mini-dress with gave of distinct flapper girl brought firmly into the 21st Century.

Overall, J.W showed that just because we are very much still living in COVID times, you can still have fun with the clothes you were, and proved that fashion should be enjoyable, even if the world seems a little bleak at the minute.