LFW: Cyberdog

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Cyberdog, the cult UK fashion brand, gets ready to launch a virtual reality replica of their Camden flagship store and becoming the World’s first 24hr virtual reality shopping experience based on a real-life shop.


Ever the innovators, Cyberdog’s event was the World’s first simultaneous live and virtual reality event and fashion show debuting Cyberdog’s collaboration range with leading sports brand Kappa at London Fashion Week.


The iconic megastore in Camden Town, London is an institution in its own right, Visiting the Camden megastore is a multi-sensory experience, and the VR store, produced in association with Rave New World Productions, gives an immersive representation of this. With 3D virtualized installations and fixtures with display products that users can browse and purchase from Cyberdog’s website. VR participants can also buy products to dress their avatars within Sansar.


Blurring the lines between real-life and virtual reality. Cyberdog strives once again to lead the way into the future of innovation in fashion and retail.