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Tribal ëyës was founded in
September 2020 by US-based designer Ona Utuama, Tribal ëyës
continues to embrace its cultural values yet appeal to a person who is bold, confident and unrepentant about colour and


Tribal ëyës brings together a community of people who are not
afraid of colours, patterns, and diversity in eyewear fashion.
With African patterns, neutral designs, and Asian chakra art,
the AW21 collection is an everyday wearable kaleidoscope of traditional motifs.


Each piece of eyewear is designed in the US and manufactured
in Asia, with emphasis on the nontraditional larger nasal
flare, low and wider nasal bridges yet making room for smaller
and higher nasal bridges. The label prides itself in infusing
ethnic designs into acetate, a novel concept in the eyewear
industry, with each displaying a plumage of colours. These looks are inspired by motifs from the West African roots of the designer, Ona Utuama, who says ‘I want the world to see people and their culture through their own eyes’.


The brand’s spirit animal is the peacock, which is home to
Congo in Africa, India/Sri Lanka and Myanmar in Southeast
Asia. Tribal Eyes has been featured in Vanity Fair and GQ.

More information on the brand can be found here: