Side Parts are IN Again

We had a chance to catch up with celebrity hairstylist Kali Ferrara and get her take on what 2021 has to bring with regards to hair trends. We asked Kali the questions you need to know to get your hair looking its best through 2021.

  1. The Hair Color: Lightened Up Blonde
  • The Celebrity Inspiration: Tiffany Haddish and Kristen Wigg
  • Describe the color itself: Intensely lightened up blonde
  • Why do you think it’s trending now, spring 2021? An all-over blonde is a more requested service as of late. Many clients are readying themselves for the roaring ’20s and getting ready to have fun again, starting with their hair! A total lightening of the hair should always be done by a professional colorist and may take multiple appointments to get there, depending on the color the client currently has.

New looks require more maintenance, listen to the colorist when they recommend products to use at home, it will help the new color last and stay healthy. I always reckon my clients take a hair skin and nail vitamin, especially now that we may be more sluggish. I like the Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin and Nails gummies, it’s a multivitamin with added biotin.

  • Why do you love it? A solid and significantly lighter color can really put some pep into your step.

The Hair Color: Red Hues
The Celebrity Inspiration: Andrea Day and Zendaya

  • Describe the color itself: Vibrant Fiery Reds or mauve-y colors
  • Why do you think it’s trending now, spring 2021? For spring, I am seeing a lot of people getting ready to have more fun with their looks. Warmer tones are no longer set for the fall season and many clients are asking to make a change like they never have before for spring and summer.

An easy way to change things up that isn’t super permanent is to ask a colorist to use a demi-permanent glaze on top of existing highlights in a red tone. Whether it’s a copper, mauve, or fiery red, the demi-permanent glaze can pack a big punch in terms of change with less commitment. Red colors tend to fade the quickest so clients can try it once and let it fade or get a refresher glaze monthly to keep it vibrant.

  • Why do you love it? No matter what spectrum you’re on with the red hues, it will make an impact.

The Hair Color: Money Piece
The Celebrity Inspiration: Beyonce (pulled from Instagram) and Kaley Cuoco

  • Describe the color itself: Highlights framing the face
  • Why do you think it’s trending now, spring 2021? The ‘money piece’ has been around for a while but as we go into the warmer months, people want to start lightening their hair. After this dark winter we have all been experiencing, clients want to try something new and different. With the ‘money piece’, people can start getting the first taste of spring with just an added service from a colorist.
  • Why do you love it? It’s an easy and trendy way to provide some brightness around the face.

The Hair Color: Bronde
The Celebrity Inspiration: Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez

  • Describe the color itself: A shade that sits between blonde and brown
  • Why do you think it’s trending now, spring 2021? During the quarantine and thereafter, many clients wanted to have a color closer to their natural hair color in case additional lockdown measures occurred. Now that there is a kind of light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve had a surge in clients asking to go lighter. I am seeing either a look towards a ‘bronde’ color with dimension (Like Chrissy Teigen and J. LO)

To achieve a bronde look, it depends on the client’s starting hair color, but it can often be done in one (likely long) appointment. This consists of weaving in baby lights along with some more robust-looking highlights to break up the solidness of the natural color that clients migrated towards in the past 6 months. Depending on the skin tone, the highlights can be toned in a warmer golden shade or in cooler tones.

  • Why do you love it? Mixing in lightened pieces creates a contrast that is visually appealing!

Kali Angelina Ferrara is a New York City-based hairstylist and hair colorist with an extensive repertoire ranging from balayage, foiling, rich hues, and color correction. Kali’s work has been seen at fashion week, on numerous red carpets, and on the high-powered men and women of New York City.