Multi-Talented Singer/Songwriter & Actress Saree McIntosh

Photographer: Araya Doheny Photography
Hair & Make Up: Allison Noelle

In the world of entertainment today, it takes genuine talent in order to excel. That’s where Saree McIntosh comes in. This up-and-coming young lady is already making an impact in the industry. Vprcomm Magazine caught up with the multi-talented singer/songwriter and actress to get her perspective on the road to fame.

McIntosh realized she loved the music business and had the potential to make something happen. She was writing songs for a couple of months before she and her dad decided she should try to record them just to see what happened. They wrote and recorded a number of songs, and then tried to figure out what to do with them. During the recording process, she fell in love with music and decided she wanted to make a career out of it. Soon, she started releasing her music and learning about the industry, and here she is now. She says “I’m hooked!”

Photographer: Araya Doheny Photography
Hair & Make Up: Allison Noelle

McIntosh doesn’t feel that there was a specific moment that made her want to get into the music business, it was more of a gradual decision. Music has a part of her life ever since she can remember but initially, it was just something that she liked and thought was fun. She remembers when she was younger, she wanted to do so many different things, and her interests changed often. She even thought working at Taco Bell would be the coolest job ever. She even had aspirations to be an international spy. The list goes on and on. But when she turned 12, music became the only thing on her mind.

She had finally figured out what she loved and was passionate about. Luckily her parents were and are massively supportive and it also helped that her older brother was interested in music. It was all upward from there and after they met music producer Tommy Marolda, they’ve been busy ever since.

She is incredibly grateful to have parents that encourage her to pursue a career path she enjoys. They’ve never forced music on her, and they let her find the passion for it on her own. But because she is still young, they help guide her through the demands of the industry. McIntosh’s dad was an aspiring musician himself so he has some knowledge about how things work in the business. She says her mom is particularly good at making connections since she was the one who found Tommy Marolda. Saree says

“my parents would like me to succeed, but not at the cost of my happiness. There’s no pressure from them that makes me feel like I must become a massive star. They understand how hard this industry is. They’ve made it very clear that if I start becoming unhappy with what I am doing, I can tell them, and they will understand.”

This is a journey that her entire family is a part of, and it makes her feel so blessed to have them in her corner.

McIntosh has a lot of things to think about when it comes to college, as of right now, she wants to commit herself entirely to her music career, and she feels college would get in the way of that. “College can wait,” she says. “I can always decide to go back to school, but music is different, so I’m just giving everything I’ve got to music right now”!

Because she’s still in high school, a time in a teenager’s life when it’s usually all about fun and hanging out with friends, it can be tough for a young person like McIntosh. She always jokes about not having many friends, but it’s been a personal choice in the end. She is a little picky about the people she spends her time with, and would rather have a few close friends than a bunch of superficial ones. She is currently being homeschooled and not around kids her age very often, but can still get along with them when she is. The only tricky part for her she says is that many kids don’t know how to carry on a conversation, so getting to know them and becoming friends with them can be difficult and a little draining. She always seems to be the one asking all the questions, but if music or acting does get brought up, in her experience, kids are usually pretty cool about it. It’s not that she thinks she’s on a different level from other kids, It’s that she has a very different life than most kids her age. While she is focused on her career, kids her age are focused on boys, partying, etc.

McIntosh did compete on World of Dance a few years back, while we are in an age where there are competition shows such as America’s Got Talent, The Voice, etc. Saree does not see herself going on another dance show. She’s glad that she got to experience it, but wouldn’t want to go through it all again. She says the only thing she can see herself doing in the future is large battles like Red Bull BC One or Silverback

McIntosh’s acting career is trending upward and she knows the right role will come around eventually. When it comes to dance, she sees herself getting better at choreography and improving her technique overall. She also wants to continue training hard in breaking and wants to compete in some large battles. Improving her vocals is something else she’d like to continue doing as well because she is excited to perform and a full album is something she sees in soon in her future as well.

Here is one more tidbit about McIntosh, she has been learning Korean and has been singing and writing in the language for four months now. Eventually, she’d like to travel to South Korea as she has fallen in love with the culture.

It’s clear that Saree McIntosh is an individual who is determined and will not stop until she reaches the top.