Li-Ning Spring/Summer 2021 Milan Fashion Week

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection finds new ways to articulate clothing for a full spectrum of human movement—volume for freedom, cocooning for protection, compression for strength. Elements of fabric construction, like box pleating or pin tucking, are exaggerated to realize new dimensions in fullness and to remove common restrictions in movement. Elsewhere, techniques of tying and knotting are leveraged to bring support. Within this wide study of mobility lie multiple states of human feeling—from quiet serenity to complete, untethered liberation.

In footwear, Li-Ning continues to architect multidimensional forms born at the intersection of fearless design and modern fabrication. Here, function and performance unite in an elevated dialogue with the Chinese street. The season’s running range is led by the sleek Shadow CRC, which integrates simple geometric patterns of a square, a circle, and a triangle into its high-performance design aesthetic. The sculptural Ace 2, a new rendition of the Furious Rider, evokes a marble statue swaddled in gauze and realized with exquisite craftsmanship. The wildly imaginative Mix Ace, with its convertible sandal to trainer style, arrives prepared to meet the many demands of city life.

The shoe is inspired by ancient Chinese woodworking technology and is largely comprised of flexible, durable TPU. Lifestyle shoes, meanwhile, are led boldly into the future with the technical, cyber punk-inspired Xuan Kong, iconic for its ultra-chunky sole unit that extends past its heel. Finally, in basketball, the new Wu Xing II Qian & Kun models reflect philosophical themes of wisdom through change (Qian) and strength through simplicity (Kun). The Qian silhouette pairs an integrated folding upper structure with a vamp spliced by transparent inserts. The shoes pull-out tightening lace system allows for quick adjustments and closure with ease. The Kun, meanwhile, makes use of a tough zippered outer shell and a bionic structure complete with ergonomically arranged heat-dissipating holes. Together, these shoes shape an imaginative vision of the future of footwear.