Victoria Bruno

Fashion Week Editor/Photographer/Art Writer

Victoria Bruno is a bold style fashion photographer from northeast USA. She is best known for her fashion, beauty, runway and editorial photography. Her work has been featured in major publications around the world including: Hypebeast, Fashion Week Online, Fault Magazine, Trend Prive Magazine, and 33 Magazine. Victoria has participated as a press photographer at New York Fashion Week for four years. She has also participated as a press photographer at Paris Fashion Week, New York Bridal Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. Victoria is also Fashion Week Editor for VPRCOM Magazine. Victoria is passionate about ethical production, distribution, and consumption in fashion. With a love of film photography and darkroom processing, Victoria works with 35 millimeter and large format cameras. She develops her own film. Victoria enjoys photographing landscapes and animals as a hobby. Victoria uses a Canon 1DX MK II and owns several lenses. Her most commonly used lenses are her Canon 24-105 f4, Sigma 105 macro f2, Canon 85mm f1.8, and her Canon 85-200 f2 lens. Victoria also has a home studio.



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