An Interview with LUNAR Laboratories Characterized by solid lines that meticulously contour bold figures, structural transparencies that invoke a sense of perpetuity, and dark tones that seem to mirror the most distant galaxies, the composition of LUNAR collections skillfully culminate in the unveiling of a discreet yet confidently poised presence. This presence, an enigmatic blend of nonconformity and atypicality, exudes a distinct strength and intensity that commands attention with ease.

LUNAR, by nature, embodies everything that strays from the conventional, defiantly rejecting conformity and instead celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of each wearer. A mere stroll in LUNAR pieces is enough to capture the gaze of onlookers, directing their focus towards you as if highlighting the vast expanse between the Moon and Earth. Such compelling energies present in LUNAR creations compel individuals to engage in introspection, prompting a reassessment of previously held notions of normalcy and societal standards, as they embrace a newfound appreciation for the unconventional and avant-garde. INTERVIEW WITH VLAD VRACIU | FOUNDER + DESIGNER OF LUNAR

When did you first realize you wanted to create a newborn brand LUNAR Laboratories?

Hello! My name is Vlad Vraciu, I am 32 years old and I am the creative person behind the LUNAR Laboratories brand. I can say that I have wanted this for about 10 years and gradually I started to make progress in this direction, culminating in the last 2 years in which I dedicate all my energy to this project.

Can you describe the brand in a few words?

LUNAR Laboratories is an independent and innovative brand focused on discovering new directions in fashion design through the constant integration of the latest technologies, even if they are totally separate from the textile industry. The brand design is characterized by angles, straight lines, geometric shapes or flying layers inspired by flying objects.



If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before starting a fashion label what would it be?

Trust yourself!

How would you describe your client’s personality? How do you want people to feel when wearing your garments?

My clients are free, non-conformist and committed people, passionate about new things and art, who choose not to follow imposed paths and who like to experience alternative directions in life.



What role do you think social media plays in selling a fashion brand online?

Social networks are very important, I consider them the most powerful marketing tool and I use them, but at the same time I try to build a brand that works without social networks or dependence on them. Follow LUNAR here: @lunar.laboratories

How challenging is it for you as a designer and brand founder being based in Eastern Europe?

The LUNAR Laboratories brand is an international brand from all points of view, and through this behaviour we have not encountered any difficulty in approaching. I think that the world does not even pay attention to the country of origin. The only difficulty is in our country, in Romania, where we face many difficulties of acceptance.



How do you think a designer should motivate their collaborators and team members?

A team leader must convey trust to the members, be honest with them and show them that their work is appreciated and respected.

Do you believe in the CO-BRANDING concept? Is there any other brand, not necessary fashion, you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I agree with this concept and do not exclude the possibility in the future. I would like to collaborate with an automotive or aeronautical brand.

What are your future plans for LUNAR Laboratories?

I like to take everything step by step, to have a healthy development and as aspirations for the future, I would like to relocate to Paris – the capital of fashion and to increase as much as possible the implementation and attraction of new technologies as part of the creation process.






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